Please Wait Here Practice Social Distancing, 12×12, Pressure Sensitive Vinyl .0045



Walk-On Floor Sign Material is able to withstand moderate traffic. A perfect solution for COVID-19 messaging on indoor floors and walls. Adhesive Backed Vinyl
.004 material has pressure sensitive adhesive backing and is flexible, which allows for mounting on smooth, curved or irregular surfaces. The material is long-lasting for indoor and outdoor labeling.
Made with Sign Muscle®, a revolutionary permanent coating that protects your signs against chemicals, graffiti, harsh environments, UV-Rays and fading, scratches and scuffs, water and mold. This coating enhances color and clarity, provides durability and a lasting message guaranteed for the life of your sign! Sign Muscle® is a crystal clear, tough, polymer coating that surface encapsulates the images and text printed on a variety of substrates. It creates extremely durable signs and labels for indoor and outdoor use. Sign Muscle®, a liquid monomer, is applied to the substrate after printing and cured by UV light radiation creating a high strength bond.

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Thickness (Inches) 0.01
Sign Muscle No
Dimensions (Inches) 12 x 12
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