Notice, Wash Your Hands Before Leaving As A Sanitary Measure In Compliance With Health Laws, 3×5, PS Vinyl, 5/Pk



Notice – Wash Hands Before Leaving As a Sanitary Measure in Compliance with Health Laws sign.
This 3″ Inch High X 5″ Inch Long sticker / sign urges individuals to wash their hands before leaving the restroom.
• Message Type: Restroom, Janitorial & Housekeeping
• Message or Graphic: Message & Graphic
• Material: Adhesive Backed Vinyl, Peels and Sticks
• Special Properties Coating: Sign Muscle.
• Made with Sign Muscle® a revolutionary permanent coating that protects your signs against chemicals, graffiti, harsh environments, UV-Rays and fading, scratches and scuffs, water and mold. This coating enhances color and clarity, provides durability and a lasting message guaranteed for the life of your sign! Sign Muscle® is a crystal clear, tough, polymer coating that surface encapsulates the images and text printed on a variety of substrates. It creates extremely durable signs and labels for indoor and outdoor use. Sign Muscle®, a liquid monomer, is applied to the substrate after printing and cured by UV light radiation creating a high strength bond.

More Information

More Information
Thickness (Inches) 0.0045
Sign Muscle Yes
Dimensions (Inches) 3 x 5
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