Welcome Handshake Free Zone, 10 X 14, Ps Removable Vinyl



WELCOME HANDSHAKE FREE ZONE SIGN, Welcome, Handshake Free Zone, Stop the spread of COVID-19 & other germs.
PRESSURE SENSITIVE REMOVABLE VINYL .0045, Pressure Sensitive Removable Vinyl is a vinyl sign material that leaves zero sticky glue residue behind. It perfect for mirrors, windows and drywall. The Matte finish produces is glare free.
• Pressure sensitive vinyl quickly adheres to most hard surfaces by peeling and sticking.
• Lasts up to 3 years but can be removed at any time.
Remove without a scraper.
• Applies to painted surfaces such as drywall, glass or mirrors, wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic.


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Thickness (Inches) 0.0045
Sign Muscle No
Dimensions (Inches) 14 x 10
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