Accessories: Fence Sign Holder Bracket



Post your message on a chain link fence using these sign mounting brackets.

These easy to use, heavy-duty galvanized steel brackets are designed to support and secure signs level on a chain link fence. The universal design allows it to work with nearly any size chain link fence*.

Can be mounted by one person from one side.

Fence Sign Holder Brackets protect signs from damage by distributing the pressure along the surface area of the bracket. The sign is fixed into place due to a second loop that keeps the orientation of the sign secure.

Two Fence Sign Holder Brackets are required for post mounting. Using two brackets for a sign will prevent the sign from falling off the fence from any natural occurrences. Each bracket includes 5/16″-18 thread, 3/4″ long stainless steel bolt and nylon washer

– works well for use with 3/8″ sign mounting holes.

•    Supports and secures sign level

•    Universal design accommodates most fencing

•    Galvanized to resist rust

•    Heavy Duty (.15” thick steel)

•    Includes stainless bolt and nylon washer

•    Easy to use

* Accommodates link spacing from 1 7/8” to 2 3/8”,

measured at a 45° angle.

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