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NEW YORK CITY, NY- March 2, 2007- HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY today announced it has established a new distributorship with Triosyn based in San Diego, CA. Starting on March 1, 2007, HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY will be responsible for product sales of Triosyn ( line of of disposable respirators designed to provide increased protection against airborne viruses, including avian flu. Triosyn’s innovative respirator is a new and improved disposable facemask with a novel microbial filter that stops airborne diseases and viral threats. The technology, developed by Triosyn Research Laboratories is designed to protect individuals against dangerous and deadly diseases in order to preserve health and safety and ensure the continuity of business and essential services in the event of pandemics, bioterrorism and environmental disasters.

The result of more than 15 years of research and development,  Triosyn respirators with patented Triosyn technology have been proven in extensive laboratory testing to remove 99.99% of organisms from the air. The Triosyn filter has been rigorously tested by the U.S. Air Force, Health Canada, Nelson Laboratories, and other world-renowned third-party research institutions. Each Triosyn Respirator is implanted with a specially-designed filter layer containing Triosyn® resin, a patented technology that is embedded within the fibers of the filter. Triosyn resin provides a unique mechanism of capture that stops microorganisms on contact, providing a safe, clean and unrestricted air flow through the mask filter. Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Triosyn resin greatly enhances the capture performance by increasing the surface area of each filter fiber, while the molecular makeup of the resin expresses an electrochemical charge that pulls microorganisms out of the airflow. The Triosyn product line of respirators / face masks meet and exceed CDC and WHO standards for protection against airborne illnesses such as Avian Influenza, severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and tuberculosis as well as a broad spectrum of other threats. The masks we are offering are the only disposable respirators that can be counted on to stop 99.99% of both airborne and droplet virus. Triosyn Research Laboratories has developed a unique anti-microbial technology for use in products designed to fight microbial threats.

"We are thrilled to be selected to distribute the Triosyn product line said Evan Lipstein, President and founder of HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY. All other N95 protective masks are designed to filter particulate by filtering down to a specific micron size of contaminant. The Triosyn products filter down to even smaller particle sizes and additionally stop microorganisms from penetrating the respirator on contact with the filter media."

Triosyn's patented technology incorporates six layers of active protection to stop virus and bacteria from reaching the user. We offer four different models that meet the needs and fit requirements of virtually every user. All masks offered are NIOSH P95 rated. Triosyn’s line of respirators, including the T-3000™ and T-5000™, provide protection beyond that of N95 respirators and are certified P95, an enhanced level of protection, by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). About HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY is a provider of numerous life safety products all designed to protect people and property from assorted emergency incidents. Headquartered in New York, NY HYLINE is a leading provider of photoluminescent egress guidance systems and other building safety products. More information is available online at and

Triosyn Mask Layers
Triosyn® Disposable Respirators with Antimicrobial Protection

Emerging viruses, microorganisms moving from animals to human hosts, increasingly virulent bacteria and escalating numbers of antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains demand our focused attention. Additionally, staggering population densities, environmental pressures, rapid transport of man and his germs, an increasing prevalence of healthcare-associated infections (HAI) and escalating population of immune compromised individuals, are all bringing serious attention to advancing the quality and effectiveness of contamination prevention. To further add to the urgency, experts agree that it’s only a matter of time until a major bioterrorism incident, pandemic flu or other microbiological threat endangers our lives and economy.

Our capacity to manage, or even survive such microbial threats is brought into question. Great emphasis has been placed on vaccines, antivirals and antibiotic stockpiles as insurance against a number of these possibilities. However, again and again shortages of and microbial resistance to these pharmacological defenses has been reported. Yet, rarely do we hear anything about how we can physically protect ourselves other than social distancing and washing hands frequently. As many viruses gain access to the body through the respiratory tract, preventing their entrance in the first place is incredibly important.

Why Triosyn Disposable Respirators?
Recent studies have demonstrated that because of poor filtration capability and/or poor fit, medical masks are not effective in preventing the penetration of viruses or very small bacteria through to the wearer’s breathing zone. Another kind of respiratory protection called a disposable respirator provides much better protection. NIOSH approved N95 disposable respirators were created to protect workers from industrial dust and particulates. The test developed to certify these respirators used a 20 minute challenge of aerosolized of salt particles measuring 0.3 microns. It still does. After years of use in industry, N95 disposable respirators were introduced into the healthcare environment to provide protection for caregivers exposed to pulmonary tuberculosis. Since tuberculosis bacilli measure 1-10 microns, these respirators have been very effective in protecting the wearer against acquiring pulmonary tuberculosis. However, viruses are much smaller and cannot be so effectively filtered. They measure from the smallest virus at about 0.0020 microns to the largest at around 0.0280 microns; much smaller than the N95 respirator salt certification test challenge particles.

In contrast, Triosyn Disposable Respirators not only to meet the NIOSH certification test requirements but they are also designed specifically to stop airborne viruses. A multi-layer system impregnated with patented Triosyn iodine-polymer resin compound, creates increased microbial attraction by physical and electrostatic means. Additionally, captured microorganisms are rapidly oxidized and rendered harmless, preventing their migration into the wearer’s breathing zone over time—a capability not shared by other NIOSH approved respirators. To verify this superior efficacy, samples from each lot of respirators are challenged for 2 hours with an aerosol of MS2 virus (0.023 microns) at a rate of 85 liters per minute—a forced air velocity equivalent to inhalation during active physical exertion.

Triosyn® Respirators with Antimicrobial Protection
T 3000 Respirator
T-3000 model
Flat-fold design allows for easy storage in first responders' kits and cargo pockets.
NIOSH Approved P95 Particulate Respirator: TC-84A-4109
Certified as a Class I Medical Device in Canada (Health Canada)
Also available in smaller size, model T-3199

T-5000 model
Cup-shaped design with full surround cushioned gasket allows for a tighter fit with reduced potential air leakage.
NIOSH Approved P95 Particulate Respirator: TC-84A-4110
Certified as a Class I Medical Device in Canada (Health Canada)

T-5000V model

Cup-shaped design with full surround cushioned gasket allows for a tighter fit with reduced potential air leakage.
NIOSH Approved P95 Particulate Respirator: TC-84A-4110
Certified as a Class I Medical Device in Canada (Health Canada)

T 5000 Respirator
T 5000 V with Valve

Because Triosyn Disposable Respirators are so designed and verified, they exceed CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines for the use of N95 respirators during exposure to airborne infectious microorganisms such as the avian influenza virus, SARS Coronavirus and the tuberculosis bacilli (Mycobacterium tuberculosis). In independent tests obtained under controlled laboratory conditions [link to sci-doc-studies.htm], Triosyn Disposable Respirators have been proven to consistently remove 99.99% of both airborne (<5 microns) and droplet (>5 microns) viruses throughout the equivalent of an 8-hour work shift.

It is important to remember that so many of the infectious challenges we face start with a sneeze or a cough. An average sneeze produces about 500,000 droplets while a cough may produce over 1,000. Although larger drops fall rapidly as you can see in the lower portion of the sneeze cascade, most smaller droplets rapidly evaporate down to “naked” microorganisms. These tiny nuclei, as they are refered to, can remain in the air current for long periods of time, traveling extensive distances. It is difficult to remember that the air we breathe may carry thousands of these suspended viruses, even though we cannot see them and the sick animals or individuals originally producing the infectious cloud may no longer be present.

Triosyn Disposable Respirator Features

  • Consistent and superior performance against viruses.

  • Antimicrobial protection, which maintains the integrity of the filtration media and prevents microbial migration over an extended period of time.

  • Fluid-resistant to protect against splashes and sprays of blood and other bodily fluids as well as wet environmental contaminants.

  • Carbon layer for relief from organic vapors and nuisance odors

  • Adjustable head straps and adjustable nose piece for a secure and comfortable fit.

  • Full-surround foam gasket on the T-5000 and T-5000V to snugly fit multiple face shapes.

  • Multiple models and sizes that allow a good fit to various face types or facial features.

  • Guaranteed performance for 5 years from date of manufacture, making them the ideal choice for stockpiling.

When you need the highest level of respiratory protection, you need Triosyn Disposable Respirators with Antimicrobial Protection. 

Triosyn basic mechanism
How Triosyn®  Works

Triosyn ® resin is a unique iodine preparation that harnesses the antimicrobial power of iodine. It controls the delivery and dosage of molecular iodine directly to microorganisms.

Triosyn resin consists of tri-iodide molecules thermally fused into a polymer substrate. The tri-iodide structure binds iodine within electrochemical bonds that keep the molecule in a stable, inert state. When a fungus, bacteria, or virus passes nearby, however, the stability of the tri-iodide molecule is disrupted due to the stronger charge on the microorganism’s surface.

This disruption results in two iodine atoms breaking away from each of the tri-iodide molecules in the vicinity of the organism. Paired iodine atom units are referred to as “molecular iodine.” Once drawn to the surface of the microorganism, molecular iodine exhibits significant antimicrobial properties. It rapidly oxidizes the structural proteins and membrane lipids, resulting in rupture of the protective coating and oxidation of the microorganism’s vital interior components. The microbe is thereby devitalized.

There are billions of tri-iodide molecules in Triosyn resin. Those not triggered by passing microorganisms continue in their stable stand-by mode until the next microbial demand draws near, again attracting the release of molecular iodine in the dosage needed.