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GO GEAR Go Bags for emergencies

GO GEAR Go Bags are $69.99 each

GO GEAR is a fully stocked daily Emergency Preparedness Kit. It comes pre-packed as an everyday use bag with over 1,000 cubic inches of cargo space. All of your pre-packed emergency items are neatly stored in the front pocket leaving the larger main pocket available for your personal items. There is plenty of room for extra clothing, important documents and even your laptop. Use the backpack straps to easily sling GOGEAR onto your back and leave your hands free for other things. Clip the sturdy waist belt around you for a snug, comfortable hands-free fit. Or simply use the shoulder strap or handle for quick and easy carry. Fully loaded with emergency items, GOGEAR will become the cornerstone of your family’s preparedness plan.

Bag Features
•   13-Pocket Daily Preparedness/Emergency Bag
•   Weather proof, multi-purpose carrying bag with reflective safety strip
•   Over 1000 cubic inches of storage

•   4 versatile carrying modes: shoulder strap, backpack straps, compression waist straps and top handle

First Aid
sterile gauze pads
sterile latex-free bandages
hypoallergenic medical tape
triple antibiotic ointment
anti-diarrhea tablets
iodine prep pads
antiseptic towelettes
eye wash
first-aid pamphlet

Water, Water Purification and Air Purification
water bottle
water purification tablets
paper debris mask

9 Function Multi-Tool
philips head screwdriver
flat head screwdriver
knife blade
can opener
bottle opener

Warmth and Weather Protection
emergency blanket
hooded rain poncho
cloth bandana

Light and Heat
flashlight/radio/emergency siren with batteries
2 additional batteries

News and Communication
radio/emergency siren/flashlight with batteries
2 additional batteries

emergency action plan card
spiral notepad

Every household should pack a Go Bag — a collection of items you may need in the event of an evacuation

"All of us know that we are living in a changed and dangerous world. Today’s reality no longer allows us to live calmly under the blanket of security our country once provided. It is up to every citizen to take the necessary steps to help safeguard our lives and those of our loved ones. We have a patriotic and social responsibility to be ready to help others where we can, and at the very least, reduce the burden on our emergency services by not being part of the problem, but part of the solution. Things we tend to take for granted such as shelter, warmth, food, water, electricity, emergency services, etc. become our immediate focus when emergencies strike. During an emergency, natural or man-made, time is vital. Don’t spend precious time looking for things you know you will need. No matter where you are, it pays to be prepared. With GOGEAR, you have a comprehensive emergency preparedness kit right where you need it. Though nothing can replace common sense, a little preparation and GOGEAR will help make you ready for any emergency.. A Go Bag should be packed in a sturdy, easy-to-carry container such as a backpack or suitcase on wheels. A Go Bag should be easily accessible if you have to leave your home in a hurry. Make sure it is ready to go at all times of the year.

 •     Copies of your important documents in a waterproof and portable container (insurance cards, photo IDs, proof of address, etc.)

 •     Extra set of car and house keys

 •     Credit and ATM cards and cash, especially in small denominations. We recommend you keep at least $50-$100 on hand.

 •     Bottled water and non-perishable food such as energy or granola bars

 •     Flashlight

 •     Battery-operated AM/FM radio and extra batteries

 •     Keep a list of the medications each member of your household takes, why they take them, and their dosages. Medication information and other essential personal items. If you store extra medication in your Go Bag, be sure to refill it before it expires.

 •     First-aid kit
 •     Contact and meeting place information for your household, and a small regional map
 •     Child care supplies or other special care items

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