HYLINE offers numerous brands / types of Safety & Security and Energy Efficiency Window Films
Blast Film, Window Film, Security Film, 3M
Armorcoat Safety and Security Film
Armorcoat Safety and Security Film

HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY offers numerous brands of window security film that can provide increased safety and security to building occipants. Security Window Film are made using clear multilayer polymer film that helps prevent against flying glass shards if glass is broken by a bomb blast, high winds, seismic activity or intentional damage. Instead of being propelled through the air as potentially lethal shards, the glass remains largely held in place by the film. Originally applied to plate glass in buildings within hurricane and earthquake prone regions, security window film has applications in office buildings, embassies and consulates, banking, retail facilities, and transportation systems.

Safety and Security Window Film helps hold your glass in place during destructive weather conditions, bomb blasts, explosions, or smash and grab burglaries. It helps maintain the integrity of a structure's outer shell to keep wind, rain and flying glass fragments from wreaking havoc inside the structure. Different security films can also reject harmful UV rays, which cause fading and can significantly lower energy costs by reducing interior space solar heating by as much as 98%.

Solar Window Films are an intergral part of Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Here are a few of the benefits derived:

•Reduction of harsh glare from direct sun

•Reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer

•Eliminate up to 99% of damaging ultraviolet rays

•Reduce fading of your fine fabrics and furnishings

•Retain your view with excellent visibility

•Add safety and security to your home or office

Unlike blinds or curtains that require constant adjustment, SolarWindow Films once installed always offer benefits. Solar films block dangerous UV rays while preserving a room's aesthetic appeal and protects fine fabrics and furnishings from the sun's deteriorating effects. 

Every uncovered window in a building permits the sun's heat, glare & harmful ultraviolet rays to enter which accelerate the deterioration and fading of buildings interior fixtures, finishes and interior articles.

Consider your investment in furniture, carpets, draperies, wallpaper, fabrics, wood floors plus irreplaceable photos and artwork and you can see the importance of solar window films window films.

Solar Window Films = Energy Efficiency

Overworked HVAC units, hot and cold spots, glare on computer screens, closed blinds and winter heat loss add up to non-productive working conditions.

Solar window films are an open view solution to reducing heat gain, glare, energy costs, HVAC use, and add a dimension of safety & security to your windows.

Office buildings are made much more energy efficient with solar window film products. Solar Window Film products reduce interior solar heating by 98%.

Window Film Videos demonstarting safety and security properties
LLumar high performance window film
LLumar high performance window film

Safety / Security and Anti-Graffiti Films

LLumar safety security films have been applied to buildings and automobiles around the world. Protect retail, commercial and residential buildings - any windowed structure - from the dangers of flying glass due to earthquake, windstorms, hurricanes, terrorist acts, vandalism, theft, and accidents. Products including anti-graffiti films and safety/solar performance films ensure that the perfect combination of benefits is available for your building or vehicle.

    * Bomb Blasts / Violent Breakage

    * Flying Glass / Windborne Debris

    * Smash and Grab Attacks

    * Graffiti, Tagging and Vandalism

Hüper Optik is offers state of the art ceramic-coated films which compliment today’s growing demands for using large architectural glass structure for buildings. Huper films offer excellent solar control performance, high clarity and low reflectivity. The unparalleled durability of these ceramic-based films is assured with a 10-year product warranty. The superb heat rejection properties also play a vital role in conserving energy with significant reduction in utility costs.
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