New York City Local Law 26 Emergency Action Plans
Do you have a NYC FDNY violation for Failure to Maintain AN EAP Log Book?

FDNY Fire Codes under the Rules of the City of New York mandates EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN LOG BOOKS to be maintained by building management.

FDNY Bureau of Fire Prevention require logbook record keeping.

Your property is required to maintain log books inspected annually by the New York City Fire Department Hi-Rise Unit.

Make entry into our FDNY REQUIRED LOG BOOKS to record all of the required inspections and tests, and avoid Bureau Of Fire Prevention Violations.


All Class E Buildings in NYC must file an Emergency Action Plan
HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY offers Emergency Action Plans for New York City High-Rise Buildings in complete Compliance with Local Law 26.

The currently promulgated LL26 has recognized the need to plan for nonfire related emergencies in all commercial office buildings (Class E) 75 feet and higher. All buildings affected by this legislation will be required to create and maintain an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) that will establish emergency response procedures to be followed in the event of incidents and emergencies affecting the building that are separate and distinct from emergencies caused by fire/smoke conditions. NYC Local Law 26 EAP plans must meet strict requirements set forth by the FDNY. However the Emergency Action Plan is devised for non-fire related emergencies. These non-fire related threats require the expertise of individuals with a specialized law enforcement and emergency preparedness planning background.

HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY offers EAP's created by
world-renowned experts in Emergency Preparedness Planning. Our EAP consultants are professional emergency preparedness trainers. They have a proven record of creating effective, comprehensive plans in some of New York’s most visible properties. Moreover, they are professional trainers and have served as instructors at some of the most prestigious law enforcement academies in the world.

The types of incidents / emergencies to be addressed by the EAP clearly include, but are not limited to:

Biological Incident/Release
Bomb Threat
Chemical Attack
Civil Disturbance
Dangerous/Disgruntled Person
Elevator Entrapment
Explosion (Bomb)
Explosion (Mechanical)
Suspicious Package
Mechanical Failure
Medical Emergency
Natural Disaster
Radiological Incident
Severe Weather

HYLINE SAFETY COMPANY will address and plan a contigency for each of these incidents and create clear procedures for handling these events. The responses to these incidents will include evacuation (full & partial), Relocation (general to in-building relocation areas) and shelter-in-place (sealed & unsealed).

HYLINE SAFETY does not create Fire Safety Plans. That is a job best handled by fire safety professionals. We utilize our unique expertise in creating comprehensive emergency action plans requiring a specialized knowledge base. Our team of former US Federal Agents and Israeli Secret Service Personnel is uniquely qualified in this regard. Our staff has created customized Emergency Action Plans for some of the most well-known and prestigious commercial properties in the world.

HYLINE SAFETY recognizes that every building is unique. There are wide disparities observed in the hazard assessment from building to building. The building structure, number and types of tenants, location / availability of exits, proximity to potentially high-risk areas are only a few of the variables that must be considered when creating a distinct EAP for a specific location. HYLINE SAFETY will build an individual plan for clients that are appropriate and suited to their specific needs. We have a format and individual approach; and do not use a “cookie cutter” approach to forming our client's EAP's.

HYLINE SAFETY will offer your property cost-effective emergency action planning solutions that will enable complete compliance with the new Local Law 26 FDNY requirements. HYLINE will produce your EAP Document Plan Book, customized Building Information Card (BIC), floor plan diagrams, and shelter-in-place diagrams, which are required by Local Law 26.

HYLINE SAFETY will prepare an Emergency Action Plan that will be accepted by the FDNY. We will train your staff and offer you the proper forms for the required record keeping called for under the local law.

HYLINE offers the following products and services:

Formal EAP Document for filing
Building Information Cards
Emergency Plan Diagrams
EAP Logbooks
Live EAP Training and EAP Drill Instruction
EAP Rosters
EAP education materials to distribute to your tenants.

Please use the form below to contact HYLINE SAFETY for information related to Local Law 26 compliant Emergency Action Plans. We are eager to meet with you and offer a proposal for a customized EAP program designed to enable your property's compliance with the new local law and more importantly, a professionally prepared emergency action plan for any non-fire related situation that might occur.

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"Office Building Emergency Action Plans"

Summary of Proposed Rule:
Local Law 26 of 2004 required that the Fire Commissioner adopt standards, procedures and requirements for the orderly evacuation of occupants from any office building, including evacuation of persons necessitated by explosion, biological, chemical or hazardous material incidents or releases, natural disasters or other emergency, or the threat thereof.

The proposed rule would require that each office building subject to the requirements of the rule prepare an Emergency Action Plan, submit it for Fire Department review and acceptance, and implement it within designated time frames.

The proposed rule requires that owners of office buildings develop procedures for sheltering in place, invacuation, partial evacuation and full evacuation of the building, in response to various emergency scenarios. The proposed rule sets forth specific guidelines and requirements for the form and content of the Emergency Action Plan.

The proposed rule requires the designation of an EAP Director to be responsible for the implementation of the Emergency Action Plan.

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